Breaking wave near Howe Sound, Salish Sea

Bob Turner paddling his kayak.

Our Salish Sea

Come explore the Salish Sea with me! 

With kayak and snorkel, I poke its wild shores and nearby waters, curious to meet my wild neighbours and the places they live – whether the tiny life of a tide pool, a river full of salmon, the chaos of a herring spawn, or a humpback whale feeding in a tidal rapids.

These wild places inspire me to stand up for our wild Salish Sea. I hope that my movies kindle the same in you, as we care for this remarkable place.

– Bob Turner

I greatly admire and respect the deep of the Coast Salish peoples to these lands and waters, and their sense of kinship with all the life of the Salish Sea.

What is the Salish Sea?

Map of Salish Sea showing Canada and USA.

Sheltered from Pacific storm by Vancouver Island and the Olympic Peninsula, the waters of the Salish Sea, with convolute shores and islands, is a single interconnected body of life, filled with extraordinary wild neighbours.

The largest inland sea on the west coast of North America between Alaska and Mexico, it spans the international border, stretching from Campbell River BC to Olympia, Washington. The sea has three great arms – the Strait of Georgia in the north, Puget Sound in the south, and the Strait of Juan de Fuca connecting the other two to the open Pacific Ocean. 

These waters are a giant mixing bowl – where tidal currents combine nutrients from coastal rivers with deep waters from the offshore Pacific – into life-giving waters.