Whales, Sea Lions and Seals


  • West Coast Trail – The Wild Side of Whales, Waterfalls and Tidepools – Pacific Rim National Park

    Updated on: My brother and I explore the wild shore of the West Coast Trail – whales and eagles, tide pools, waterfalls, and beaches, with hiking boots, face mask and wetsuit.

  • Humpback Comeback – The Return of Humpback Whales to the Salish Sea

    Updated on: Three juvenile humpbacks cavort at my home island and bring back my memories of a remarkable week further north among the islands watching humpbacks feed.

  • Male California sea lion at the surface

    Sea Lion and Anchovy Dance

    Sea lions feeding on schools of anchovy. Here is what is going on underwater.

  • Sea Lions playing

    Canticle for Sea Lions in Howe Sound

    My friend Susan Alexander wrote a beautiful poem about sea lions along the shores of Bowen Island and so we worked together to set it to the story that inspired her.

  • Sea gulls wheeling overhead

    Herring Spawn! Serengeti of the Sea – Hornby Island, BC

    Perhaps the most extraordinary day I have ever spent on the ocean was the day in my kayak in a small herring spawn on the shores of Hornby Island

  • Bob Turner face to face with a seal

    The Seal

    On an early spring snorkel, I encounter a curious young seal that becomes increasingly friendly, all the way to a remarkable conclusion.

  • Humpback whale fluke above water

    Return of the Humpbacks

    My exciting encounters with several humpack whales on the west side of Bowen Island.

  • Close up of Sea Lion at the surface

    Sea Lion Spring

    On an April kayak trip, I encounter sea lions feeding on anchovy. The sea lions that have trapped a school in a cove, and eagles are grabbing the scraps.

  • Orca breathing at the surface

    Orca Morning

    I get an early morning call that a pod of orca were swimming north on the west side of the island. So I move fast and meet them as they swam by.

  • Sea lion chosing fish underwater

    Howe Sound Ballet

    Below a chaos of diving gulls, I discover an underwater ballet of seals, sea lion and anchovy.