• Sockeye Salmon Run, Adams River, British Columbia 2022

    Updated on: The river, salmon, festival, and cycle of life of BC’s most famous salmon run during a peak year for sockeye returns.

  • You Could Be a Salmon

    Updated on: A catchy tune jammed with ecological storytelling about the cycle of life for salmon. Written by Simon Hocking and performed by Sweet Cascadia from the Sunshine Coast.

  • Pacific salmon

    Pacific Salmon and their Circle of Life

    A chronicle of the life stages of Pacific Salmon, viewed through the life of coastal Chum Salmon.

  • Chum salmon underwater

    Chum Salmon Spawn!

    In a crystal-clear pool, I watch a female Chum salmon release her eggs while males fertilize them with clouds of sperm.

  • Pink salmon underwater

    Pink Salmon Run on the Sawa7elt (Stawamus River)

    The crystal waters of the Stawamus River are the perfect stage to watch the return of pink salmon.

  • Salmon up close with open mouth

    The Salmon are back on Bowen Island!

    The 2016 Chum salmon run was a record return on Bowen Island and our community turned out to watch the drama.