Shoreline Invertebrates


  • West Coast Trail – The Wild Side of Whales, Waterfalls and Tidepools – Pacific Rim National Park

    Updated on: My brother and I explore the wild shore of the West Coast Trail – whales and eagles, tide pools, waterfalls, and beaches, with hiking boots, face mask and wetsuit.

  • Snorkeler looking underwater

    Exploring Our Estuary: The Rich Life of Kwil’akm (Deep Bay)

    On a warm summer day, I explore a creek, ocean-mouth lagoon, and bay to witness the wild living of this small stream estuary ecosystem.

  • Bob photographing tide pool underwater

    Tide Pool!

    I float with my facemask and snorkel in a shoreline tide pool, and find, to my delight, it is crammed with extraordinary life.

  • Snorkeler diving in the shallows

    Shore Explore in Atl’ka7tsem-Howe Sound

    I head off on a fun swim along an ocean shore with two friends and discover a wealth of sea stars, crabs, urchins and kelp.