McNab Creek gravel mine (Howe Sound)

McNab Creek gravel mine, Howe Sound, B.C.

McNab Creek gravel mine

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In 2014, Burnco Ltd proposed construction of a gravel mine on the northwestern shores of Atl’kat7tsem-Howe Sound at McNab Creek. The proposed mine would greatly impact the stream and groundwater-fed estuary of McNab Creek, the second largest estuary in Atl’kat7tsem-Howe Sound, and a vital habitat for waterfowl, pink salmon, elk, beaver, bear and wolves. The mine received a provincial green light but was refused a rezoning application by the Sunshine Coast Regional District, and at present, the project is stalled.

McNab Creek estuary
View of McNab Creek estuary, looking west. The proposed gravel mine is to be built behind the western shore of the estuary.
Mouth of McNab Creek
The gravel fan at the mouth of McNab Creek
Wet meadow at McNab Creek
A wet meadow is the rich ecological heart of the estuary.
Backhoe digging up shoreline
The proposed gravel mine would be a major industrial operation that will disrupt wildlife use of the estuary.
Elk standing at attention
A major herd of elk heavily utilize the McNab Creek estuary.